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Tint Center considers not just your wants but also your needs. Our group of professionals has developed their own techniques recognized by our clients as efficient for their demands. Our residential and commercial tinting does not only do a perfect job with your windows but also extends to fulfilling it with the client’s purpose: privacy, security, comfort, decoration, health purposes, etc. Some of the factors our experts get keen with are the following:

  • Sun Damage Control
    Tint Center knows how important personal items are. Our residential and commercial tinting services would reduce UV penetration into your home and workplace. As UV rays are harmful to your things: furniture, electric appliances, and even your flooring, lessening their exposure to it would lengthen their lifespan, keep their brand new looks a lot longer, and keep your place welcoming and/or lively.

  • Heat and Glare Control
    Since UV protection is provided in our tinting services, direct sunlight would be blocked out too. This would lessen the heat absorbed by the room and make your place a lot cooler and more comfortable. This would also tone down the brightness in your room that strains and even hurts the eyes.

  • Safety and Security
    Our window tinting adds durability and tightness to your glasses. They would still be breakable, of course, but breaking it would be harder. This should protect the people inside from shards during accidents. For robbers who weren’t able to break the glass right away, this could help alarm the people inside and make think twice and maybe take off.

  • Decorative properties
    We offer various designs of window tinting available. Decorative tinting are often acquired for the divisions inside an office to create a more welcoming and open atmosphere while still keeping each other’s right to privacy.