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Truck Tinting in Melbourne

If you’re looking for someone to tint your truck windows you’ve come to the right place. Call Tint Centre today on
(03) 9701 2255 to book your truck in or get your questions answered. We have the training and experience to tint the windows of all makes, models and size of trucks.

The Benefits of Truck Window Tinting

Makes Driving Safer and More Comfortable By:

  • Reducing Sun Glare
  • Reducing Cabin Temperatures Significantly
  • Reducing UV Rays by Up To 99%
  • Protecting Upholstery From Fading and Perishing
  • Improving Scratch Resistance
  • Increasing Shatter Resistance
  • Increasing Privacy

Contact The Truck Tinting Professionals Today

As a professional driver, you can spend many hours behind the wheel of your truck. Constant exposure to harmful UV rays can lead to health issues. Professional window tinting reduces your exposure.
There’s also the hazard of stone damage to your windscreen. Window tinting increases the resistance of glass to chip and crack. It also makes it harder, by a few seconds, for someone to break through the glass of your truck. Possibly just enough time for you to save your vehicle.